Facebook's New Logo Is Attracting a Number of Funny Comments and Attention

Facebook's New Logo Is Attracting a Number of Funny Comments and Attention

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When Facebook changed one of their logos on Monday, the social media giant most likely did not expect such an array of perplexing comments from the public.

People have flocked to their Twitter accounts to post their thoughts about the matter, and some are rather entertaining.


Quick recap as to why Facebook changed its logo

Facebook redesigned its logo for all to easily distinguish between Facebook, the social media site most of us use daily, and the apps and sites Facebook now owns — WhatsApp, and Instagram, among others.

The purpose of the new logo is allegedly to keep any complications with the Federal Trade Commission at bay. Facebook wants to make it abundantly clear who owns the apps.

Some people believed the change happened to make it trickier for the U.S. government to disband Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, said in a report on Monday, "Many people don't know we build these products or that our teams often work together. But we believe people should because it's important for people to know who's behind the products they use."

A Facebook spokesperson also commented that "Branding changes are normal course of business and marketing strategy. For us, this brand change is a way to communicate a simpler and clearer company narrative to people and businesses that use our services."

How has the logo changed?

Facebook is now spelled out all in capital letters and has no set color. Instead of its iconic blue lettering, now the letters switch colors depending on which app the logo is representing.

Some people are having a lot of fun laughing at Facebook and their changes, as can be seen in some of the following Tweets.

A few theories are making their way around towns:

My favorite theory about this new branding is @profgalloway 's prediction on how Zuckerberg would argue to Congress: "you can't break Facebook up, the brands are so intertwined now" https://t.co/kIDhnkLtCh

— Clément Brygier (@cbrygier) November 4, 2019

Some are using the rebranding process to voice their concerns:

Facebook can rebrand all they want but they can’t hide the fact that they are too big and powerful. It’s time to #BreakUpBIGTECH. https://t.co/suHSuR4AAx

— Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) November 5, 2019

Others are making a few silly comments:


Copywriter: As you'll see, this says FACEBOOK. It's spelled correctly, which is nice.

Designer: pic.twitter.com/WtWn8iD1c6

— An Okay Boomer (@trukelayser) November 4, 2019

It's even puzzling Spiderman...

— BrooklynDad_Defiant Savage! (@mmpadellan) November 4, 2019

Watch the video: People Arent Happy With Facebooks New Logo (July 2022).


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