These Pocket Translators Are Under $99

These Pocket Translators Are Under $99

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Real-time translation devices were once relegated to the world of science fiction. But now a series of increasingly portable and affordable gadgets allow intrepid travelers to translate foreign languages on the go.

We’ve found three of the best ones for you:

1. ONE Mini Pocket Multilingual Assistant

MSRP: $99 | Sale Price: $59 (40% off)

Available in a variety of colors, this tiny-yet-mighty pocket translator allows you to record, translate and transcribe foreign languages to both audio files and text with the click of a button. You’ll be able to translate up to twelve languages in real-time, and there’s even a 24/7 premium live interpreter service that will help you out along the way.

2. CM Translator Instant Language Translation Device (White)

MSRP: $129 | Sale Price: $99 (23% off)

This pro-level translation device allows you to translate over 40 languages and record in real-time—all within a uniquely portable gadget that you can toss in your bag at a moment’s notice. Also available in black, the CM translator boasts a whopping 180 days of standby time, so you won’t have to worry about it dying on you during extended trips.

3. Aunu Audio M50 True Wireless Headphones + Companion Translator App

MSRP: $229.98 | Sale Price: $99.99 (56% off)

These Bluetooth headphones pair comes with a companion app in order to help you translate over 30 languages on the go. You’ll be able to enjoy up to six hours of music playtime on a single charge, and a dual mic makes it easy to make and take calls using Siri and Google Assistant.

Prices are subject to change.

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