7+ of the Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Chemists

7+ of the Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Chemists

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If you are a chemistry-addict you might want to consider checking out any of these 7+ great science and chemistry-related Instagram accounts. The following are far from exhaustive but are some of the best around.


Who are the best science influencers on Instagram?

If you are looking for some great science-related influencers on Instagram, then look no further than these wonderful Instagram accounts, (courtesy of : -

  • Dianna Cowern.

  • Natalie Panek.

  • Phil Torres.

  • Mitchell Moffit.

  • Neil Harbisson.

  • Abigail Harrison.

  • Pardis Sabeti.

  • Athena Brensberger.

What are the most popular scientist-related accounts on Instagram?

There are many great science-related accounts on Instagram but some are better than others., and other best-of lists, tend to rate the following popular science Instagram accounts very highly: -

  • Scott Kelly.

  • Bipolaire61.

  • Georgia Aquarium.

  • Science Museum.

  • Popular Science.

  • The Bronx Zoo.

  • NASA Goddard.

  • Liberty Science Center.

What are the best educational Instagram accounts to follow?

Many social media sites, like YouTube and Instagram, are not just about showing off your latest silly pictures. They can also, if used right, be great resources to actually learn something productive.

According to sites like, here are some of the best Instagram accounts for educational purposes: -

  • NASA.

  • U.S. Department of the Interior.

  • Astrophysics.

  • The History Channel.

  • Curiosity.

7 of the best Instagram accounts to follow for chemistry-lovers

But if chemistry is more your bag, you might also want to consider some of these 7 great Instagram accounts. Of course, this list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. Kellen Kartub (@chem.with.kellen) is worth checking out

Kellen holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and currently works as a Science Communicator for AAAS. She has a real passion for chemistry and loves to explain how important it is in our everyday lives.

Check out her account for daily updates about here 'toings' and 'froings'.

2. Sacha Toussaint (@orgochemist) is brilliant

Sacha is a Ph.D. candidate in Organic Chemistry at the University of Denver. Not only does he have an interesting chemistry-related Instagram account but he also runs an interesting little chemistry-themed Youtube channel.

3. Ella Maru (@ella_mura) is another good choice

If you are looking for something a little different, you really should check out Ella Maru. She is a scientific illustrator who designs covers, and other illustrations, for many leading scientific journals.

4. Christopher King (@the_masterpiece_inside) is a must-see

Christopher King is another scientific illustrator whose works focus (pun intended) mainly on the microscopic world. His work is, frankly, amazing and will certainly brighten up your day.

You can also check out his work on

5. @theforsgroup is also pretty good

@theforsgroup is another interesting chemistry-related Instagram account. This account focuses on the daily lives of a group of chemistry grad students at Cornell University.

If you are considering studying chemistry at university, this account will give you some 'intel' about what to expect.

6. @tns_organicchemistry is great

Thrive Not Survive (TNS) is a great little Instagram account if you want some tips and tricks for thriving in organic chemistry. It is their mission to help others help themselves to "nail" their time at uni.

7. C & EN (@cenmag) is also worth checking out

C & EN (Chemical and Engineering News) is a veteran and highly respected chemistry magazine that has been in existence since 1923. It is published regularly by the American Chemical Society and is widely read.

They also joined Instagram a little while ago and are well worth checking out and following if you love chemistry as much as they do.

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