Take the Power of Linux with You on the Go with This Bite-Sized Computer

Take the Power of Linux with You on the Go with This Bite-Sized Computer

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Any true computer or tech aficionado knows that when it comes to power, control, and functionality in an OS, Linux reigns supreme. Used for everything from server control to hardware administration and web integration, Linux is one of the most important tools a techie can have under his or her belt.

The VoCore2 Mini Linux Computer Bundle is a bite-sized mini-computer that lets you take the power of Linux with you on the go, and the entire interface is available for over 10% off at just $69.

Complete with a display screen and all the external equipment you need, this computer bundle is both an open-source Linux platform and a fully-functional wireless router, which can be used as a VPN gateway, an AirPlay music streaming station, a private cloud for data storage, and much more.

You’ll be able to use the super-fast screen in order to embed a wide range of devices, and USB connectivity means that you won’t have to use adaptors or converters in order to connect your primary peripherals.

You’ll even be able to display real color videos and images for non-MIPI HDMI devices.

Take the power of Linux with you wherever you go with a VoCore2 Mini Linux Computer Bundle for just $69—over 10% off its usual price for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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