How to Establish a Multilingual Workforce through mondlyWORKS

How to Establish a Multilingual Workforce through mondlyWORKS

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The benefits of learning other languages are well-documented. Multilingualism has been shown to positively influence a range of mental abilities from problem-solving to creativity.

It’s even known to shift your perspective of the world, delay the occurrence of diseases like Alzheimer’s, and even affect how you perceive time.


These benefits also extend to business. Being multilingual allows you to reach out to potential clients, collaborators, and suppliers from different parts of the world who speak a different language.

Combine this with how technology has made cross-border business easy, then you get the essential elements to take your business global.

Developing your organization’s multilingual proficiency may prove valuable, especially in today’s business environment. Not everyone is multilingual so having a multilingual workforce could actually give you a leg up on your competitors.

Technology-based Language Solutions

Fortunately for businesses, there are now plenty of solutions available to help you navigate cross-border communication. Email, messaging, video conferencing, and social media allow just about anyone to reach out to businesses and professionals all over the world.

A growing number of applications can also help overcome language barriers. While imperfect, Google Translate works in a pinch for quick tasks such as translating product descriptions and labels. There are also a host of apps that anyone can use, for free, to get a functional grasp of a foreign language.

One such service is mondly – a freemium language learning platform. Founded in 2013, the Romania-based company took its years of experience in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) and its founders’ passion for educational technology and built a platform for effective language learning programs.

Mondly offers a series of intuitive and feature-packed courses, that teach over thirty languages. It even has components that use VR and AR to keep lessons interesting.

For business communication, however, it’s important to have a high enough proficiency to navigate nuanced communicative situations such as sales pitches and negotiations. To gain this level of mastery, it would be beneficial to have a structured approach to your language learning.

Recognizing this need, Mondly recently came out with mondlyWORKS – a SaaS platform that can train entire workforces in various target languages oriented towards business communication.

Hey, language learners, Mondly VR is now also available on Oculus Rift! Speech recognition, chatbot technology, realistic dialogues, all from the comfort of your home.

— Mondly Languages (@MondlyLanguages) June 5, 2019

Once you subscribe to the service, you and your employees gain access to Mondly’s various courses through the mobile app. Mondly uses genuine recordings of real-world native speakers, unlike other courses and apps that only use computer-generated robotic voices.

The use of native speaker recordings helps learners to gain a better grasp of the sounds of the target language.

And, to bring more diversity into the learning experience, Mondly also features a VR learning environment that co-workers can use to practice at work.

Monitoring the Learning Process

Mondly also provides managers with access to dashboards to help delegate access to employees and monitor your company’s usage. You’d be able to see where employees are in their course progressions and even view how many points they have garnered.

You can also review the activities of every single employee. You can view statistics such as the lesson types they accessed, the amount of vocabulary they have learned, and the number of hours they have put into their learning.

This way, you’d be able to identify which employees have gained the proficiency to actually be assigned with cross-border work. Knowing their progress also allows you to provide intervention and help if necessary; if you ever observe that some employees have difficulty progressing.

Nurturing a Multilingual Workforce

Having a multilingual workforce can open a wide range of doors across clients, customers, suppliers, and employees. However, this requires that you overcome language barriers first.

Using solutions like MondlyWORKS will allow you and your employees to gain the proficiency needed to communicate with potential clients and partners in their native tongue. This opens up new opportunities for your business to explore.

By tapping into these new resources and partnerships, your business might get that game-changing break that it needs to succeed in a globalized and hypercompetitive landscape.

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