Google "Brain Implants" Could Make Learning Obsolete in 20 Years, Says AI Expert


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Top artificial intelligence (AI) expert and founder and CEO of Fountech.ai Nikolas Kairinos said in a Daily Star interview that within 20 years we could have implants put into our heads that will allow us to learn everything. “You won’t need to memorize anything," said the specialist to the Daily Star.


Learning to disappear

The brain implants will also mean that there is no need to google anything as the answers will simply pop up in your head, claims Kairinos. “Without making a sound or typing anything, you can ask something like ‘how do you say this in French?’ and instantly you’ll hear the information from the AI implant and be able to say it," he said.

The outlook seems similar to Elon Musk's Neuralink, a project that aims to one day download from computers directly into the brain. According to Kairinos, this will very much be our future reality.

“The need to actually learn something parrot fashion is going to disappear because we will have access to that instantly," said Kairinos. “Google will be in your head, and that’s not far-fetched. It’ll be like having a really smart assistant that will almost think like you.”

Advancements are close

And Kairinos believes this advancement is very close. "If you look at the development of AI, the progress we are going to see in the next five years is going to tower what we have seen in the last 50," he said.

“We are at this point now when we are going to see massive massive change. So in 5 years from now, it’s going to be completely different to what we have now," the expert added.

Better yet, Kairinos believes all of these changes will serve humanity. “I know it sounds a little bit cheesy but we focus on artificial intelligence that will make the world a better place – AI that will improve people’s lives on a mass scale, globally,” he explained.

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