Learn Everything There Is to Know About Your Dog with This Simple DNA Test

Learn Everything There Is to Know About Your Dog with This Simple DNA Test

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DNA tests seem to be all the rage these days and with good reason. Humans have an unshakable desire to know where they come from and what the future may have in store, and now that genetic technologies have become far more accurate and affordable it’s easier than ever to gain fascinating details about your past, present, and future with a simple cheek swab.

So it should come as no surprise that people are now applying this exciting new technology to their furry four-legged friends. This DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test is a groundbreaking tool that allows you to learn literally everything there is to know about your dog, and it’s available for 25% off at just $59.

You may think you know your dog fairly well, but after you administer this super-simple and pain-free DNA test you’ll be able to gain invaluable insights into your dog's personality traits, DNA composition, breed mix, predisposition to disease, and much more.

Simply swab your dog’s cheek, mail in the DNA sample, and in two weeks or less you’ll receive a detailed report about everything, there is to know about your dog’s past, present, and future.

Dogs are undoubtedly man’s best friend, so show your dog you care with a DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test while it’s available for just $59—25% off its usual price for a limited time.

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