Ryanair Mocks British Airways for Recent Mishap, Gets Flamed by Twitter

Ryanair Mocks British Airways for Recent Mishap, Gets Flamed by Twitter

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After a British Airways flight bound for Germany got mixed up and flew to Edinburgh, Scotland instead, the Irish budget airline Ryanair made a light-hearted joke on Twitter offering to the British airline “Geography for Dummies,” only to get flamed themselves as Twitter was quick to remind Ryanair of its own spotty record.

Ryanair Mocks British Airways, Gets Flamed by Twitter

Passengers on board a British Airways flight bound for Dusseldorf, Germany on Monday instead found themselves landing in Edinburgh, Scotland a short time later after an incorrectly filed flight plan led the pilots to believe that was the ultimate destination. The plane took off from Edinburgh shortly thereafter and continued on its way to Dusseldorf, the tail of the plane tucked between its proverbial legs, as it were.


Not able to pass up the chance to have some light-hearted fun at the expense of another airline, Irish budget carrier Ryanair tweeted out a picture of the book “Georgraphy for Dummies” at the British Airways twitter account, offering it to them as a gift.

Hey @British_Airways, we have a present for you ?

— Ryanair (@Ryanair) March 25, 2019

True to every stereotype of stiff-upper-lipped Brits, the British Airline was a good sport about it in their reply.

Now, now. No one is perfect. Lolly

— British Airways (@British_Airways) March 25, 2019

Perhaps not sensing the precariousness of its position, Ryanair probably should have left well enough alone, but they apparently couldn’t stop themselves getting in one last dig at the British carrier.

True, Lolly! Even we wouldn’t flog Edinburgh as Germany #DusseldorfNorth ?????????

— Ryanair (@Ryanair) March 25, 2019

It was then that Twitter took notice of what Ryanair had done and they weren’t having any of it. The replies came in fast and hard, reminding Ryanair of its own abysmal customer service record, which has resulted in its getting voted the worst airline in the UK for six years in a row.

And here's one for you

— Mr JB (@essex_o) March 25, 2019

Horrible landings every time I fly with them ?

— Gemma Kiely ✨ (@lilroxy222) March 25, 2019

Others found ways to mock Ryanair’s practice of charging customers fees for things that are customary on other airlines.

For free? Or are you going to charge them for that aswell?

— Sr Guiri (@GarrodChristian) March 25, 2019

Never extra, that would be obsurd. They just need to buy a ticket back to London then another to get to Germany. Also, any baggage will have to be reprocessed which understandably has fees, and also there's a £100 processing fee to get to Germany from Edinburgh.


— Phil Gibson (@imphilgibsonok) March 26, 2019

Ha ha Ryan Air you can talk. love BA

— adam grindley (@grimples) March 26, 2019

Most egregious for some was Ryanair’s forgetting that it too has flown passengers to the wrong airports, but in at least one case, they simply left them there and offered to send them on a nearly 10-hour bus ride the rest of the way.

Maybe keep the book ?

— Matt Carter (@MattCarter86) March 25, 2019

I remember the time you dropped me in Vienna after telling me we were meant to be landing in Bratislava... The flight was meant to go to Budapest.

— Richard Chambers (@newschambers) March 25, 2019

They even sent them on a 10 hour bus ride ...... Atleast British Airways rectified and flew to the correct place eventually instead of leaving people stranded 100's of miles away ?

— Martin Robinson (@Martin_Robbo87) March 25, 2019

The old saying about throwing stones in glass houses is sound advice in the Twitter age, as I’m sure Ryanair’s social media manager can appreciate after today.

Watch the video: Ryanair CEO: Theres Another Risk Of Laptop Ban On Airlines. Squawk Box. CNBC (July 2022).


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