Magnify Your Smartphone's Screen by 3x with This Portable Mount

Magnify Your Smartphone's Screen by 3x with This Portable Mount

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Let’s face it: Most of us watch everything from YouTube clips, and Netflix shows to full-fledged movies right on our smartphone. These trusty portable devices offer unparalleled portability, and their screens seem to be getting larger with every new release.

Still, your smartphone’s screen is no match for an iPad or tablet that makes watching movies and shows far more enjoyable due to the larger screen size, but hauling around a tablet just so you can watch your movies in all of their big-screen glory is impractical.

Enter this Screen Magnifying Phone Mount, which allows you to enlarge your smartphone’s screen by 3x without losing any quality—all for just $16.99 (over 55% off its usual price) for a limited time.

Ideal for frequent travelers who want to stream content on their smartphone while they’re on the go without hauling around a separate iPad or tablet, this innovative and supremely stylish mount allows you to view everything from TV shows and HD movies the way they were meant to be seen.

Compatible with virtually any smartphone, this mount holds your device in an upright position and magnifies its content onto a front-facing screen for a more enjoyable viewing experience, and you’ll be able to take it with you wherever you go thanks to its compact design.

Watch your smartphone content at 3x its normal size with the Screen Magnifying Phone Mount while it's available for over 55% off at just $16.99 for a limited time.

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