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Electronics Events, Exhibitions and Trade Shows

16 Nov - 19 Nov 2021
Messe München, Munich, Germany

productronica is a trade fair for electronics manufacturing that has been held in Munich every two years since 1975. It is held on alternate years to its sister exhibition electronica that is also held int he same location in Munich.

As the name indicates, the event is focussed on electronic manufacturing equipment and as a result it has exhibitors from machinery to pick and place machinery as well as test equipment (automated and manual) and many other areas associated with the electronics manufacturing.

Areas including solder technology, component technology, test and measurement with quality assurance, production logistics and material flow, production subsystems and product finishing are all represented.

productronica is the largest event of its kind in Europe and as a result it attracts very many people from around the globe. The 2015 event saw over 1100 exhibitors and 37 000 visitors.

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Watch the video: Productronica 2019 Mycronic auto storage system (July 2022).


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