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 Red Pitaya STEMLab & Other Products

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Red Pitaya is a company that was set up in 2013 and it has developed a number of FPGA based products from a single board multifunction test instrument (oscilloscope, logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer . .), a HAMLab which provides an SDR transceiver and many more products.

The Red Pitaya products offer easy a low cost and easy to set up products that provide a high level of performance.

What is Red Pitaya

The company Red Pitaya was set up in 2013 with the aim of Red Pitaya is to be a global leader in high performance embedded digital signal processing in open source test & measurement application areas and to build a large community of people passionate about electronics.

The company takes its name from a fruit called the red pitaya that is widely seen in many tropical countries.

The company was formed as a spin off from Instrumentation Technologies Inc, a company that designed and built high performance instruments for particle accelerators. Although relatively small, the team is keen to utilise their abilities and they have created a particularly flexible platform that can be used for a variety of products. The basic STEMlab board can be programmed to provide a variety of functions from test instrumentation through to an SDR amateur radio transceiver.

In view of the innovative nature of the STEMlab product, Red Pitaya was awarded the Frost & Sullivan Global Electronic Test & Measurement Tools New Product Innovation Award in 2014.

Red Pitaya is increasing the number of products it is offering, and these include a number of interesting options.

  • STEMLab : Red Pitaya STEMlab is a multifunction test instrument that provides the functionality of a 2 chanel oscilloscope, 2 channel. signal generator, 8 channel logic analyzer, Spectrum analyzer, LCR meter, and Bode analyzer using a single board. STEMLab uses a PC, tablet or even a phone to provide the display via a web browser, and in this way even Mac computers can be used, all without additional software.
    The STEMLab has a 50 MHz of frequency range and 14 bits of resolution to provide a very powerful and precise multifunction measurement device that can replace a stack of lab instruments. It is very compact and portable. Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to do measurements remotely.
  • Vector Network Analyzer: Using an external additional board or module, the Red Pitaya STEMLab can provide the functionality of a vector network analyzer.The STEMlab vector network analyzer provides the capability to measure networks at frequencies up to 65 MHz. This provides considerable additional measurement capability that is useful in many instances.
  • HAMLab : The Red Pitaya HAMlab is a fully functional SDR transceiver that provides coverage of all bands from 160 metres through to 10 metres with an output power of 10W. Red Pitaya HAMLab provides an out of the box, affordable and high performance SDR transceiver solution. All that is needed is a power supply and an antenna to start in a journey using a software defined radio.
    On top of this the Red Pitaya HAMLab also gives the functionality of the STEMLab multi-purpose test instrument.

Using embedded techniques and a 14 bit DAC, Red Pitaya has been able to provide a set of high performance affordable instruments that are easy to set up and provide a host of functionality.

Using its FPGA the basic STEMlab has been able to provide a very wide variety of high performance functionality.

Watch the video: Red Pitaya STEMLab Starter Kit. New Product Brief (July 2022).


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